Many great vendors will be present as always.

Vendor tables

Booking Vendor tables: Standard is two tables the whole weekend. Extra tables can bee booked if the space allows it. For convenience international vendors pay their booking fee when they arrive at the show. Bookings are binding but if you can not come to the show, we urge you to cancel your booking as soon as possible.

One table (180x80cm) costs 500 SEK in the year of 2022.

(Pre-order of tables is required as we can not guarantee that extra tables are available at the venue. However if available they can be obtained at an increased cost + 100SEK)

Bookings are made by e-mail to: Göran Nilsson Söderholm

To consider

To facilitate un-loading and loading, vendors should use the side entrance to the facility.

The facilities are open for loading and unloading only:
Friday 17 to 21
Saturday 8.30 to 17
Sunday 9.00 to 19.00

We at C4 have no way of changing these hours.
E.g Everything must be cleaned off and collected before closing on Sunday.