You should submit your entries in good time (preferably 14 days before the competition date). Registration form is available here. If you are unsure if you will be able to complete all the models you would like to submit, feel free to sign up more models up front even if you don’t bring them all with you. It is easier for us to remove models from the list which were not completed on time, than to add models afterwards. Each competitor can submit as many models as they wish, but models which have already won a prize at C4 Open can only be displayed for general viewing, not participate in the competition.

Model specification

A model specification must be filled out for every competing object. It is important that you fill the specification out carefully, since it provides the judges with important information about your build/project. If you choose ‘extended’ judging, it is very important that you describe the work you have done on the model. The criteria ‘difficulty/complexity’ will be judged based on what is writen here.


All models must be checked according to the schedule: click here, otherwise they will be removed from competition. Judging will be conducted late Saturday afternoon. If you have comments regarding the judging, you should contact the Head Judge.

The C4 crew reserves the right to remove entries that may be considered offensive to the audience.
Merging/splitting of classes: The C4 crew reserves the right to merge or split classes without noticing the builder first. The judges verdict is final and are not subject for appeal.