Welcome to C4-Open 2024

Welcome to Malmö the 26th-27th of october!

Please note that some of the traders only accept cash (Swedish kronor or Euro) Bring cash if you are thinking of making any purchases.

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C4-Open is hosting Swedish Nationals this year (2024)!

It is to be held the last weekend of October at a NEW (2024) location at Baltiska hallen, Eric Perssons väg 8a, Malmö, Sweden.

The price for admission as a visitor is 100sek (valid both days). Cash or “Swish” only. If you instead plan on participating in the event with your models, please register in the menu above.

We welcome you all to at much longed for weekend dedicated to our favorite hobby, modeling!

This year (2024) the theme class is “Female”

As usual, our goal is to offer our visitors a first class show/competition with a large quantity of modeling subjects on display, an extensive hobby market and many interesting club displays.

In addition, there will be inspiring lectures with a well-furnished prize table.

We will also continue with our well received and popular activities like Special Interest Groups/SIGs


Film från C4-OPEN (2015)

C4-OPEN was started in 1991 by the association Kristianstad Modellbyggare with Johan Nordh at the helm. The event was held with great success at the County Museum in Kristianstad. From the very beginning, they had taken help from the model building collective in Malmö. After three successful years in Kristianstad, the association felt that they could not really take it anymore. The event then moved down to Malmö and Malmö Technology and Maritime Museum. The event was held here until 2018, when the museum was temporarily closed for renovation and rebuilding. After a fantastic collaboration with the museum, which has been a very good partner throughout the years, it was time for something new.

From 2019, the C4-OPEN was held at Kockums Fritid in Malmö.

From the year 2024 the event will be held at Baltiska hallen in Malmö, Sweden.

The event has changed and developed over the years. Both the competition part and the sales part have grown significantly. Other parts of the event are its SIGs (Special Interest Group) where models within a certain theme are exhibited outside the competition. Associations from Sweden and abroad are also usually on site and show up. The event today attracts visitors, vendors, associations and participants from several countries. C4-OPEN is known for its convivial atmosphere and professional execution.

Today, C4-OPEN is definitely one of the largest and most famous events for model builders in Scandinavia.

Welcome to Kockum Fritid in Malmö and to C4-OPEN!


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