Special Interest Group

The special interest Groups (SIG) are exhibitions of models about a given theme displayed outside the regular competition.


SIG “Golden Oldies” previous laureates

This year C4-open celebrates its 30th year!

We want to commemorate this by giving you a chance to once more exhibit some of your most prized (!) models. We encourage you to bring along the plaque from the year the model was awarded at C4-open or display the year in some other way.

Contact Jacob de Maré to be a part of this celebration.

The Great War

We are looking forward to seeing models from the Great War and the conflicts that followed in its wake 1914-1920 (f.ex. the Russian Civil War). We want to see vehicles, figures, aeroplanes, ships and not least, dioramas! Contact me, Erik Ahlström (erik.ahlstrom@gmail.com) and I will help you out.

Swedish aircraft

Both civilian aircraft and military ones are welcome. As always, Rickard is the host of this one!