You will STILL be able to enter your models at the check-in Saturday (160sek). To save time you can fill out the pdf. registration form, print it and bring it to the check-in. registration_form_pdf.

(The web registration form will remain on this site, but NO entries made after wednesday 21.00 hours before the event will be downloaded)


Registration on the website is required to make the Registration Form available Register here.

You will recieve an email verifying your registration in our system. Then LOG IN on this page below to register models.

  • When you have filled out the form for your first entry, press the button Skicka (submit) under the registration form. A message will appear that confirms that your entry have been received.
  • Press Refresh (below the submit button) after sending each entry. Information like name, phone number, e-mail, and adress will automatically be pasted into the form.

The registration form will work in browsers like Explorer, Firefox or Safari, while users of Google Chrome have experienced problems. If you are a Chrome user, please switch browser while making your registrations. If you still are having trouble with the on-line registration, you can also down-load our registration form as a pdf: registration_form_pdf. Send your registration form using the mail adress or e-mail in the document.

Participating in the senior classes costs 120 SEK (unlimited quantity of entries). Foreign participants pays at check-in. Entries by Junior competitors (15 years or younger) are free of charge. You should submit your entries in good time (preferably 14 days before the competition date).
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